2019.8.19 Windows 10.

Enhanced security and Windows 10 support.

2019.2.22 Difference Viewer.

New command line arguments used to more successfully launch file viewers by process (WinMerge/VisualStudio).

2018.11.8 Sorting.

Sort the main UI list by relative directory and sub-directories.

2018.5.1 New server, bare metal.

New server with dedicated hardware.

2017.5.7 Create an invoice.

Print out the code files as an invoice for things worked on.

2017.10.22 Thread optimizations.

When files being uploaded are over 512 kb each, slow down the starting of more new threads for uploading until they catch up with the little files being uploaded.

2015.5.17 New server, unlimited space

Upgraded server.

2014.12.18 Optimized loading time by up to 400% or better

Large projects, let's say 45,000 files, can sync in 15 seconds (depending on your HDD speeds) to show differences and everything you need to get done.

App memory is machine specific. Now you can have multiple development machines on the same source to work from home and office without xcopying or using a different user account.

If for some reason you found the local cache of files that filoshare makes of the server, and delete or corrupt it, don't worry. Right click your project and choose "Check Full Cache" to rebuild the server copy to your local for comparison. Of course you might wait a couple minutes if you have a few million loc to download in a project.

2014.7.21 Clean merge scenarios

Click other the name filter should only show their specific changes not in your code, then click the merge to see unresolved differences remaining, and then click your name for clean uploads you can make.

2013.12.17 Large file support added

Have a 27mb dll to upload, no problem. Upload up to 100mb per file.

2013.11.20 Visual Studio 2012 Difference Viewer Added

When you click to merge a source file or just to see the differences, it tries to use Visual Studio 2012's built-in diff feature (if it is installed), then it makes a run at using WinMerge (free app on the web). If it can't run those then it just shows plain text in the UI.

2013.8.14 Saved Cache

Accidentally download everyone else's changes and deleted your own? No worries. It is saved in your local cache. Until some UI is added, look in the root of your hard drive for a directory "_Filoshare.filoshare.com" and in there is the numbered directories for your projects. Then there will be a .Recent appended to your directory with a copy of whatever you told filoshare to delete or overwrite from your source in case you want to get it back.

Heavily optimized the speed to load a large project for differences. Now a 25,000 file large project can sync in seconds for differences.

2013.2.12 People filters and Windows 8

Now you can click on the person to see what they changed. The result is that the 'New' filter button goes away, since you can go through and quickly scroll down the list of changes each person made to try out on your copy to compile before uploading your merged source.

Filoshare should run faster finding differences when small changes are made in a refactor, such as a namespace change that results in file sizes staying the same, but the contents changing. When the file sizes are equal between the server's copy and your file, the difference engine has been optimized.

Filoshare works fine on Windows 8, just like any other Win32 app. Too bad Windows 8 for a desktop is a total fail, it forces the use of many mouse moves and clicks in a poor attempt to copy the iMac, possibly, given that the Microsoft lawyers must have recommended that they make it so hard to use it couldn't be compared to iOS or Mac OS in anyway. Not getting sued is a brilliant strategy. The Mac's Dock is like the taskbar in Windows but removing the Start menu from the old Windows desktop just made it annoyingly time consuming to launch an app. If anything they should have copied LaunchPad to replace the Start menu. At least Microsoft figured out something was wrong at the last minute and bundled Windows 7 for free on the install dvd to go back.

2012.12.19 Check-in a Deletion

Delete a file, upload that deletion to filoshare, now its gone from your machine as expected, except the unexpected is happening. You need that file. You look in your backups to find it was ony set to run once a week and it only exists in the cloud.

Use the Search tool in filoshare to find a file by name and it will return the files in the past that were uploaded. You can then download any of them to your local machine. By default it will download to the directory it was first uploaded from, unless you pick a different one.

2012.12.06 More Installs and Optimizations

Windows security may keep you from running filoshare. The firewall may block you or the UAC may silently prevent it from running at all. You can now download a zip as a registered user which contains just 2 files to copy anywhere you want to run the application.

Optimized the speed so that everytime you select a project, if its already cached the server copy of files you've changed, it won't redownload them again.

2012.11.27 Auto Updates

Refactored the auto update feature into its own product line since copies of the implementation were used in various production WinForms applications and the source needed to be consolidated.

The webservice serialization changed since it no longer support its own update mechanism. You'll receive an email soon with a new link for the download of the latest installation that contains the auto updating exe that points to the new service.

Before installing, you should uninstall the old filoshare from Windows Control Panel to make sure there are no leftover installation files.

2012.11.16 LAN Server

Interestingly, after using filoshare in house for a few years, there are always more features to add. Started looking into offering just the server version to be able to run on your own SQL server on your own LAN. Without changing any code, it was easy to leverage a config file change for the SQL address and a web reference address. Now we just need to bundle it up for an easy install.

Since the software auto-updates, it would be cool to leverage the same API to handle release versioning, so that only the updates are applied to the client app based on the server version that it runs against so that your custom server version will run with the correct client build automatically. Then once you update your LAN server build to the latest, the client will automatically update or rollback to the correct version we release without you having to babysit it.